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A third of men think white teeth demonstrate wealth and status –from a recent Oral B study.

Whether looking for a job or searching for new love, a white smile is now a real investment on many levels.  At Cherry Creek Teeth Whitening by Impressions Dental Spa,  that investment includes a proper teeth cleaning combined with an in-office teeth whitening.  Our office location conveniently located in Cherry Creek North at 3rd and Clayton is a spa environment.   A visit at our Denver Dental Spa will change the way you do a smile improvement, get a whitening and visit for a teeth cleaning.   Whether it is the instant beautification of white or ongoing good oral care Cherry Creek Teeth Whitening by Impressions Dental Spa is your most professional choice to independent dental hygiene.


Why do I need Teeth Whitening?

Over the years, your teeth’s protective enamel thins, becoming less white and more prone to stains. That means the yellowish internal part of the tooth, the dentin, begins to show through the enamel. The pulp inside the tooth may or may not shrink: if it does, it adds to the darkness.

This process make your teeth look gray and ultimately ages you.

Cherry Creek Teeth Whitening by Impressions Dental Spa may be the answer. To test whether it will work for you, hold a piece of printer paper up to your teeth under incandescent light. If your teeth are yellow compared with the paper, you should get good results from bleaching. “You can often get nine or 10 shades lighter with a custom-made tray for home use or an in-office bleaching appointment,” Amy A. RDH of Impressions Dental Spa says. “Over-the-counter strips are a milder version of the active ingredient we’re using in the office so you can expect a very mild result.”

If your teeth look brown when you use the paper test, it means that both internal and external changes are responsible for the discoloration and your results from bleaching won’t be as dramatic. It may even turn your teeth slightly gray. And if your teeth look gray with the paper test, the change is caused by internal trauma, and bleaching won’t do a thing. You’ll need veneers or bonding if you want to make your teeth look white again.

Our in-office teeth whitening experience is with a laser (in the laser procedure, a light activates the bleaching chemicals), takes about an hour and is painless, unless you have sensitive or receding gums. If you opt to use custom-made trays for at-home bleaching, you’ll have to sit through one appointment so the Registered Dental Hygienist can create molds, but then you can use the trays indefinitely. “You wear them every night for an hour or more for two weeks. Though some people don’t have the patience and others find it a bit uncomfortable, it works just as well as the in-office treatments,” Amy says.

Laser bleaching is certainly more expensive, but is it necessarily better? As an experienced, registered professional you’ll get excellent results.

The study also revealed having white teeth can make you look five years younger… and increases your attractiveness by 20 per cent.