Mouth and BodyConnection

The strong link between mouth and body connection and overall health is nothing new to us. Dentists and independent dental hygienists  continually underline the importance of staying up to date when it comes to our oral hygiene, and as a result, we make semi-annual visits to the dentist. But just how important can our oral health be to our bodies? It may surprise you, but the mouth serves as a window the the rest of the body–the mouth acts as an indicator for many life-threatening illnesses and is often the first. This allows for effective preventative medicine.

At Impressions Dental Spa, we also stress the significance of regular oral checkups and here’s why:

1. According to researchers at Cardenal Herrera University in a 2006 study, saliva acts as a very early indicator for many health disorders. Furthermore, saliva plays an incredibly important role in digesting our food and protect our mouth from foreign substances. Even the way our salivary glands function indicate mental stress. The amount of saliva produced is related to both physiological and pathological factors. Because saliva plays such an important role in overall health, and acts as a diagnostic tool for other conditions, it is important to visit an independent dental hygienist regularly.

2. Plague levels in your mouth affect other, more serious conditions. It is widely believed that when plaque builds up, after eating and regular mouth functions, large amounts of bacteria are released into the bloodstream. This bacteria has been linked in to atherosclerotic plaque in arteries, which causes heart disease. Also, toxins from plague have been known to harm blood vessel walls. More on oral health and heart disease can be found here.

3. In addition to cardiovascular disease, poor oral hygiene has also been linked to diabetes and preterm birth. Chronic gum disease makes diabetes even more difficult to control. Infections in the mouth may also cause insulin resistance, resulting in uncontrollable blood sugar levels. Because of the serious health risks relating to diabetes, strong oral health is incredibly important. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, up to 18% of all preterm births in the United States are related to inadequate oral hygiene. Poor oral health can lead to early birth and low birth weight. Similar to cardiovascular disease and plaque, toxins release from oral infections harm the placenta interfering with growth and causes early births.

Impressions Dental Spa allows you to stay on top of your oral health by providing you with an alternative the your regular office visit. Independent dental hygiene is important, and our services from teeth cleanings and whitenings to oral cancer screenings allow you to feel comfortable knowing your body is healthy. Make an appointment today to stay on top of your health!