At Impressions our goal is to making a bright, white smile convenient!  Our services are straight forward and easy.



Xrays                                                                                        Sealant application

Oral Evaluation                                                                Fluoride treatment

Oral cancer screening                                        Desensitization of teeth

Periodontal evaluation (gum evaluation)          Referrals to Oral Health specialists

Routine teeth cleaning

Periodontal scaling and root planing (deep cleaning)

Periodontal maintenance

Oral hygiene instruction


*It is recommended that you see the dentist of your choice for an exam two times a year.


We offer a variety of whitening options to best fit your needs

In-office whitening

At-home whitening

Whitening refills


Whiten your teeth and look your best for:

Wedding parties

Graduation photos

Job interviews

Holiday events and parties

Date night

Brighten your smile